Trail to the Cross Rodeo Bible Camp



Whispering Winds Bible Camp
599 Mound Ridge Rd
Cook Station, MO 65449


June 4-8, 2019


Our camps are designed to do three things. 1. Share the love of Christ with all of our campers. 2. Help each student athlete improve in their given rodeo discipline. 3. Have a blast! We have professional rodeo athletes at camp all week that serve as instructors. This insures that no matter their skill level, every camper will have a chance to improve in their event.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where do the campers stay? 

Campers stay in air conditioned cabins split up into four different living spaces, with each space having it's own shower and bathroom. Cabins are equipped with twin size bunk beds.   Campers are split up by age into small groups of 6-8 and are assigned an approved counselor that leads their devotions and stays with them throughout their camp experience.  Boys and girls are housed in separate cabins.  Each evening we have different games and activities for campers to take part in.


What should my camper bring?

Campers are required to bring their own bedding and toiletry items.  Campers also are encouraged to be prepared  for hot weather and bring sunscreen ,hats, bug spray.  Campers also need to bring their bible and a notebook and writing utensils. Bibles will be provided to campers who do not have one. 


Is the camp open to visitors?

To ensure the saftey of our students, the camp is closed to outsiders while camp is in session, with campers and approved staff the only people allowed on the premises.  On Saturday the camp is opened up  for family members to attend the awards ceremony, lunch, and rodeo. 


Horses and gear?

Horses are housed at the arena complex in temporary panel stalls. Parents are encouraged to leave their trailer for the week for campers to keep their tack/feed.  Campers are required to bring feed and hay for the week and also their own buckets for feed and water.  Campers will need to bring their own tack and supplies to care for their horses.  If any of the roughstock participants need gear, they are encouraged to contact us, so that we make sure we have it on hand.


Application Process

It's really pretty simple. 1. Download the Camper Application and Consent form from this page. 2. Fill out the forms. 3. Get your application notarized. 4. Mail the application and consent form to:

Trail to the Cross
PO Box 853
Salem, MO 65560

If you have any questions, you can call Wes & Esther Clancy at 573-265-1516 or Shane & Megan Taylor at 573-341-9420